Slitheris Network Discovery – Free Network Scanner for Windows

Slitheris Network Discovery is a network IP scanner that discovers all the IP-based network devices on your local area network, scans them and displays some network related information for you. It runs on Windows platform but is capable of detecting a lot more kinds of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, etc.

Slitheris Network Discovery v1.1.221 2017 06 04 20 17 17 - Slitheris Network Discovery - Free Network Scanner for Windows

Using Slitheris Network Discovery is pretty easy. Just install and launch the tool, it will automatically scan the network for any connected IP-based devices. Once finished scanning, it displays some other network related information in a list neatly grouped by IP range with a bunch of columns, including:

  • IP address
  • Ping status
  • Device type
  • Operating system
  • SMB security
  • Brand
  • Group info
  • MAC address
  • Uptime
  • etc., etc.

There are also two graph charts, Ping Sweep and IP Map, listed above the list that could be useful as well. Both graphs display not only where the device is discovered but the status of it as well with a color, green for live, red for hidden, and gray for open, for example.

Slitheris Network Discovery v1.1.221 Ping Sweep IP Map - Slitheris Network Discovery - Free Network Scanner for Windows

It’s worth pointing out that the latest release, v1.1.220, added a credential-free scan to remotely check for the Microsoft MS17-010 vulnerability and indicates whether the patch ahs been applied. It’s especially important because of the widely spread ransomware, WannaCrypt,m WannaCryptor, WannaCry, that took down tens of thousands of computers. The information is displayed in SMB Security tab that also indicates whether and which version of SMB is enabled on the remote devices.

Slitheris Network Discovery v1.1.221 SMB security - Slitheris Network Discovery - Free Network Scanner for Windows


Slitheris Network Discovery is completely free for discovering and scanning up to 25 IP-based network devices, which is a perfect fit for a home size network or small business office. For $195, you can get a license to cover the entire Class C network, up to 256 devices. For $395, you get unlimited devices discovery.


Slitheris Network Discovery is a multithreaded fast network scanner. It’s a great network discovery tool as well that provides quite useful information about the devices found on the network. It could be useful helping you identify any unwanted devices on your network that you may not be aware existed.

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